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I have a huge passion for SCUBA diving.  I am extremely lucky that my wife does as well.  

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Scuba dive Flat worm in Maui
Flat worm.  Big Island, HI
Scuba dive Frog fish in Maui
Frog fish.  Maui, HI.  Can you see him? 
Scuba dive white tip reef shark in Maui
White tip reef shark.  Maui, HI
Scuba dive classic pickup truck in Lake CDA
Old car.  Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID
Scuba diving Titan 1 missile silo
Titan 1 missile silo.  Royal City, WA
Scuba diving soft sponge in Bonaire
Sponge.  Bonaire
Scuba diving updide down jellyfish in Roatan Honduras
Upside-down jelly fish.  Roatan Honduras

Many years ago I started a SCUBA website for inland diving in the PNW.  Shortly after I started the site, I changed positions at work which has left that site very underserved.  It does still contain some great information and links.  

Please check out, Scuba Dive Sites

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