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The 4 "F" words of Chataqua!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The following four "F" words truly sum up Chataqua Days which happens every year in Chewelah, WA, Family, Friends, Food, Fun!!!

From my booth location I had the perfect vantage point to see all of the action unfold. I was adjacent to the main stage, inline with sweets vendors and a main meeting area.

Here are a few highlights from the event. If you want to see all of the images I captured just click here and you will taken to the full gallery. The images are already sized for social media and you can directly like or share them if you like. You can also download the images but it will ask you to enter an email address. This is simply to help me see the activity on my site. Your email will not be use in any other way.

I am also offering sale pricing and a giveaway if you subscribe to this site, or like/follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram. For full details see my last blog post.

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