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Shooting for a cause!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I want to give back to the wonderful community that I live in. Each month, starting in January of 2020 I will be picking a group to do a photo session with.

My goal is to work with groups that also give back in some way or that seek to empower others. Some examples would be non-school related events for kids, events for veterans, seasonal events, events that promote the community, or anything else similar. This could also include services, resources, or community information that needs awareness increased. I am open to all suggestions.

What I need is recommendations of groups in or near Stevens County that would benefit from high quality photos and more social media awareness. If you have contact information for the group that would be very helpful.

Trunk or Treat in Yakima, WA

Northport Dollars for Scholars 2019, Northport Dollars for Scholars

Performers at Chataqua Days 2019, Chataqua

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