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Northport Graduation 2020

The seniors of 2020 have faced a great variety of challenges that no other class has. Even with these challenges they remain resilient.

While this is a message for the seniors it can apply to all of us. 2020 effected each of us in so many different ways. While this year has created so many challenges, it has also created opportunities that did not exist before. My challenge to you is see the opportunities and focus your goals on those as they will move you forward. We all have to face the challenges, but do not dwell or put focus on them, they will keep you stuck.

This day is about those who met the challenges of school and successfully completed it. It is also about the friends, family and educators for the support and guidance they gave. Even under the current conditions they still showed up and found a way to make this day as special for you as possible.

For those just here to see all of the pictures you can see the images here. The images are free to share across social media. If you would like prints you are able to order them direct and they go to a professional print lab.

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