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Life gets busy

Life often gets in the way of life. Things have been quite busy since my last post on here. About 1/3 with my normal job, 1/3 with photography and 1/3 with normal life.

In photography I shot spring sports images for a school, 2 weddings as a second shooter which is a very different level of shooting, a graduation, sports banquet awards, had more practice sessions, another lighting lesson and to round it all out I hosted a photo walk in my home town.

Daisy and I hit an old burned down abandoned school for some cool images one afternoon.

During the lighting session we headed to down town Spokane for some environmental portraits.

The photo walk was a ton of fun and I got to hang out with a lot of cool people. A group of us made about a 1 mile walk in Colville, WA. I am in the process of planning another one so stay tuned.

Graduation was a lot of fun and captured some really great images for my client.

On to life, I did get a good break and we spent Memorial Day weekend out camping with family. It was a nice break. Speaking of breaks, the awning on the new RV broke during a rain storm. Other then that little event things went awesome and the new solar system really worked out well. Everything is fixed now and ready for out next adventures.

I do have a few more busy weeks planned, however I will be able to post more frequently again so please subscribe if you have not already. I will be shooting another graduation this weekend, next week I have a modeling shoot, we are headed to Glacier National Park for a week, and I will be at 3 events; Chataqua Days, Down River Days and Rendezvous Days

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