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No shortage of homesteads

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

In the PNW there does not seem to be a shortage of amazing old abandoned places. If only they could tell their stories that would be amazing.

I am still very impressed with my drone and how it helps me capture these amazing places. Many of these old places have very limited access, if any, and the many times there are obstructions that make getting the shot impossible.

The first 2 images are taken with my DLSR, the rest are taken with my drone.

The first image was taken with the DSLR the second was taken with the drone. Both are good images, but what they an show is very different.

Here are some various images from the rest of this series.

Please let me know which image(s) are your favorite and why.

#drone #abandoned #homestead #adventure #mavic2pro

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