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First Adventure of 2019

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

As Christmas break comes to an end for my wife and so does my week off, we headed out locally to see what we could find. We spent about 6 hours driving around looking for cool spots and managed to find a few.

The first area we stopped was in Hunters, WA, where there are many old buildings, cars and NPS access to Lake Roosevelt.

Down at the boat launch we found this immature Great Blue Heron hanging on the dock. Even with my long lens he still decided we were too close and flew down the beach a bit.

After we left Hunters we ventured on back roads. While the scenery in general was very pretty, there were not a lot of distinctive things to photograph. At one stop, I did put the drone up and got these images of Spokane River.

Our route took us near the Midnight Mine, which is a uranium mine. I first learned about this site a couple of years ago while in the area for a fire. While I did not make it to the Midnight Mine, our fire area covered a second site that has been fully reclaimed.

On the way home I just happened to look in the right direction and found this old cabin way back in the trees. There was no way to get a clear shot with the camera, so it was time to launch the drone again.

Just as we were losing the last of the daylight there was one more old house and a barn.

I hope you join us for all of the great adventures we have planned for 2019. The easiest way to keep up to date is to subscribe to my website which will send you an email whenever I add to my blog, which is about once a week. Or you can follow me on like or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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