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My highlights of 2018

This is by far the longest post I have made. I have chosen 1 image per month to showcase. I have a total of 5638 images from this year. If you are just here for the images feel free to start scrolling now.

The images I chose are not necessarily my best images, but they are all images that have meaning to me. For each image, I have put a short explanation of why it stands out to me.

I would like to thank all of the people that helped me in this venture. Last year about this time I decided that I wanted to do more with my photography. In January I started the process for getting a business license, tax ID, business accounts and all of the other associated stuff. I built this website and got it launched in March. I would really like to thank my wife who is tolerant every time a new piece of gear shows up.

Please take a minute and let me know which image stands out to you and why.

January (155 images)

I chose this image for its high contrast of light and dark. I really started practicing at expanding what my camera was capable of and got this.

February (270 images)

Most of the images I captured this month were practicing senior photos. When I started the venture into a photography business I was focused on landscape and outdoors. I quickly had people asking for me to do pictures for them.

I chose this image as it is hard to dispute the cuteness of Bufford in his natural state.

March (609 images)

March was a mixed bag. I did a fair amount of exploring and capturing abandoned places. I got some great juvenile bald eagle shots. I did more senior shots and even a few prom shots. I even have a few shots taken with my first drone. This month was hard to pick 1 image.

I picked this image as it really speaks to a forgotten time. I am not sure if the names are still accurate, but this is on a public roadway in a rural area.

April (353 images)

Another month of a wide variety of images, however there were only 2 major opportunities I had to shoot. One was at a medical training I was helping coordinate. The other was at the Washington Invitational Trap Shoot. Approximately 155 kids participated in this wonderful event.

I chose this image of my wife and stepson having fun at a one of his sporting events.

May (962 images)

This was a very busy month. I purchased a new camera and I had the opportunity to use it in 3 different states. With all of the travel I got to see some amazing places and this also was a hard month to chose 1 image.

I chose this image due to the unique perspective and where it was located. While visiting Union Station in Kansa City I turned down a hallway that was not on the main path. This large sign was hung at the top of a stairwell. In the daylight the painted part really showed its age, but reducing the exposure gave a great perspective on the neon.

June (1075 images)

June was met with more events and even more travel.

I shot 2 different graduations along with the after parties. Then my family went to Maui for 10 days. While I did capture many great images, in a way this one was semi easy to chose.

I chose this image because this is the first year I have printed very many of my images. I had this print made as a large 36"x48". It is framed and hanging on the wall in my office at work.

July (266 images)

This month had 2 main events in it. In the beginning of the month was Chataqua Days, a community event. At the end of the month was Down River Days where the highlight is snowmobile races across the river. I captured many great images at these events.

This image was another semi easy one to chose. While it is not the most interesting scene, it the first time I set up a booth to sell my work.

August (263 images)

This month was also quite busy. I did my second event, Rendezvous Days, I spent 3 weeks deployed on a fire and worked a couple of normal shifts.

I chose this image as I often see these machines and amazing pilots working off in the distance. This time the field he was working was just off the roadway which makes for amazing images.

September (151 images)

September was a month for catching up on things after a busy summer of travel, fires and work so very little time was spent shooting. I got a new drone and started practicing with it.

I chose this image as it is a picture of my stepson catching a pass just prior to making a touchdown. While the team had a poor season, he did make All-League.

October (827 images)

October was a great month for photography. I got some new equipment and spent a lot of time practicing along with having the opportunity to shoot several events. I shot winter sports pictures for a school, did 2 senior shoots and helped a friend of mine shoot the the graduates of the CWU Nursing program.

Even with all of the images I took this month this was another semi easy image to pick. This 2 young ladies are amazing and have great futures ahead of them. In the last 2 years they have both graduated high school and become primary EMT's in their community.

November (261 images)

This month did not leave a lot of time for photography between life, work and teaching. I did get more practice in with the drone and shot an event for a friend of mine. The images are posted on her site and in a local, monthly paper.

I chose this image because for my birthday my wife took me adventuring for the day. I captured this image of an abandoned community with my drone.

December (446 images)

While December is not over I do not have plans for any more major picture events. I am working on Christmas I will probably capture a few images there. This month started out with capturing images for training. I have a bunch of images from practice with new lighting equipment I picked up on Black Friday. Lastly I rounded out the month by shooting fall sports images for a school. Of course I did get the opportunity to capture a few more abandoned places.

I chose this image as everything lined up just right. This may be one of my favorite images from this year.

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