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Farmer, WA

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

How many of you know there is actually a town in Washington named Farmer? Today the only real building standing is the community hall, however, it was a fairly thriving community from about 1895 to 1961. It sits in a beautiful are with amazing mountains in the background.

The good news about this being a community is that there are old abandoned buildings everywhere. If you choose to venture to places like this, please remember these are on private property. Many of these buildings can be seen from the road.

I had set out with a goal to capture a specific homestead, but there are so many great building here. I was running late and the sun was going down so I only got a few shots of some places.

This is the main homestead I was set out to capture.

With the amount of old homesteads in this area I was able to capture 2 different ones from the same location. In the first image of this post the above house is the one on there right, this one is the one on the left.

As an overall bonus, on the way to Farmer I found this old vehicle on the side of the road.

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