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Calhoun Mine

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Who wants to explore an abandoned mine?

Yesterday for my birthday, my wife took me out exploring. We found several neat areas, but the highlight was the Calhoun Mine in Stevens County, WA. I have seen this area before off in the distance, but today we made it a destination and I am glad we did. As we approached, all of the gates were open, there was not "keep out" signage and online it shows it is owned by a holding company and so we proceeded.

The first thing we did was launch the DJI Mavic 2 Pro to get an overview of the area to explore. This is another great use for a done as we discover an area to investigate that we would not have seen from the road.

While driving up to the upper quarry ponds we found with the drone, there was a spur road with what looked like a mine. We pulled over and took a short hike in. This time I broke out the Nikon D850 and used my Tamron 24-70mm G2 lens to capture these images. Please do not enter areas that are potentially unsafe.

After exploring the opening of the mine shaft we headed back down to the main part of the complex to explore the buildings. Again, please do not enter these potentially unsafe buildings. All shots were taken from outside building and/or mine openings.

The sun was getting low but we had one more quarry pond to explore. My wife found a what appeared to be a full size electrical pole in the the pond. I am not sure if the pole got placed then flooded or was submerged to hold the cabling that was attached. Either way, it makes for some great images. These were all captured with the Mavic 2 drone.

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