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When life gets busy

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

When life gets busy you still need to make time to do the things you enjoy. Today I left for work early so I could take an alternate route. As always Lincoln County did not disappoint even though I got lost.

I know I have said it over and over, but drones are awesome. They allow you to get images that would not be possible without one. The first place I captured today is one I tried to get with my normal camera in the past. Even standing up on my truck I was not able to capture a suitable image. With my Mavic I was able to capture these great shots.

I almost did not see this place. Out in the middle of nowhere there is no cell phone service and I left my list of directions at home. I was at an intersection trying to decide what way to turn when I saw what looked like the tip of a windmill. Once I was up in the air I saw a couple of lakes in the back ground.

Ultimately I took a wrong turn but it lead to this amazing old school house.

Just as the light was fading and I thought I was done, I saw this great old house a bit off the road. Something I find unique about this house is that there does not appear to have been any out building around it. Even if the structures are gone you can use see signs that one existed at some point. Directly behind the house is the most stout cellar I have ever seen. It looks like it would be well suited as a bomb shelter.

When I pulled over to capture the house, in the distance I saw a shadow that did not look right and found. Just over half a mile away, behind the house was this amazing cavern. Using the Google Earth ruler the base is approximately 75'-100' wide which makes it 25'-35' high.

#homestead #windmill #drone #mavic2pro #landscape #abandoned #history

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