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Portrait Photography

If you had talked with me about my photography business when I first started, you would know that I did not have any plans or even the desire to photograph people, well at least not formally. I have always enjoyed nature, landscape, action and historical photography, when I did capture images of people it was them being natural.

What I really about this style of candid photography is the raw and unsolicited emotions of a situation.

As with many things in life once people find out you can do something, or at least think you can they start asking for it. In the case of photography it normally it starts with relatives and close friends asking for images, in my case it was for senior photos. Never one to turn down a challenge I gave it a try.

Since that first session things have never been the same. I have found that I am really enjoying taking portrait style images of people, not just candids. Being able to capture amazing images of people and seeing their reaction to them is priceless.

With the the proliferation of cell phone cameras people are taking more pictures then ever. While it is possible to capture great images on a cell phone, in most cases they can not compete, at least not yet, with the type of image a professional photographer with professional equipment can. Everyone deserves to have at least 1 great image taken of them at some point in their life.

With any skill it takes time and lots of practice to go from good to great. This week I set out with some new equipment to test and I was fortunate enough to have these two amazing young ladies come model for me. Not only are they models, but state certified EMT's. We initially shot in the local city park, then headed to a near by state park with a waterfall and a bridge.

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