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Old Homestead

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Sticking to my recent goal of taking alternate routes when headed to or from work, I came along another great old homestead.

When this house was built the ability to move supplies is not like it is today and you used what was on hand. This house sits a very long way from any timber. If you look at the walls of the house you will notice it is made of rocks and mortar. I guess you had to do something with all the rocks from the field.

Behind the house is a type of tank I have not seen before while looking at old homesteads. In one way it seems like a holding tank, but it is not like any I have seen in the past. Also looks a little over built for a holding tank. The posts surrounding the vessel are 6" posts. The tank is approximately 15' long and 3' across. It is 100 yards from the house. If anyone can identify it please let me know.

In my last couple of posts I have been bragging about my new drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This drone continues to impress me. The ability to fly allows me to frame shots in ways that would otherwise be extremely difficult, and the camera has the image quality I want. One risk of flying is the wind. In the very first image you can see some dust devils in the background. One ended up coming much closer.

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