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Sun Lakes

Busy. That is the theme of this summer. Not necessarily all work, but busy. With summer winding down, we needed one last get away before fire season and the school year starting back up.

Sun lakes. Between Coulee City and Soap Lake. A beautiful desert oasis in the middle of nowhere. This area has been part of my husbands weekly work commute for more than 15 years.

I am sure the history of the area as rich as it is beautiful. But that is for another post. Our weekend was just about exploring the area and spending one last weekend together before life gets busy.

Night 1- HOT. Like 105+ hot. Air conditioner got a workout that night. After breakfast the next morning, it was time to explore. First stop was Lake Lenore Caves. Caves is a term loosely used here. More like holes in the mountainside. So even if they are not what I would consider "caves", the hike was easy, beautiful and totally worth the time and effort.

After spelunking, we drove around the state park and did some exploring.

Our evening was supposed to be kayaking in one of the smaller lakes; however, the wind had other plans. By evening, it was very clear that the weather had started some new fires and our weekend was going to be cut short.

Night 2- WIND. Crazy, relentless wind. Gusts so strong that it peeled back the solar panels on the top of the trailer. After breakfast, it was pack up and head home. Work called. Summer is officially over.

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