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Maui Day 10

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Twice in a row now, we hit our mark.... today was The Carthaginian II.

The day started early. Had to get the boys to the marina and off on their fishing excursion.

While the kids were on their boat, we geared up to find our underwater ship, The Carthaginian II. The entry and exit were less than ideal; as people were surfing next to us. This ship is almost 6/10ths of a mile from shore. This is the farthest we have ventured from shore thus far. The ship sits at roughly 90 ft. No greater way to end the diving portion of our vacation than with a challenging dive.

Today was our last full day on the island and so we made a short road trip North to catch our last sunset here. Until next time Maui, mahalo.

#Hawaii #maui #travel #fishing #vacation #scuba #water #ocean #scooter #Carthaginian

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