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Maui Day 9

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Well we finally did it. No, not that......., we successfully dove the St. Anthony. We had no failures or issues. Got to the beach, geared up, hit the water, took a heading and were soon diving the wreck.

After diving the St. Anthony, we headed back in for a nice reef dive in the same area. We saw a few nudibranch, assorted fish, and had an awesome encounter with an Eagle Ray.

The afternoon was spent with a bit of relaxing around the house followed by yet another spectacular sunset.

Tomorrow is our last day to dive and so we are trying for one more epic location. There is a very interesting wreck called theCarthaginian, and that is where we are headed. It is a much more challenging wreck to find from shore, so it might turn into an adventure.

#Hawaii #maui #travel #vacation #scuba #sunset #ocean #StAnthony #scooter

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