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Maui Day 8

Not only is it day 8 on Maui but also our 4th anniversary. I am so lucky to have someone so amazing to have great adventures with.

Beth woke up this morning with her ears not fit for diving, so we did a dry day. We have been to Maui a few times before but we have never explored the East side of the island. Today we made the infamous trip to Hana.

Along the Hana road is an endless display of vegetation, bamboo forests, flowers, bridges, waterfalls and all around beauty.

One water fall also offered an opportunity for some cliff jumping.

No night on Maui would be complete without another sunset.

Tomorrow we are going to give the St. Anthony another try. Someday, we really have to find it.........

#maui #Hawaii #waterfalls #family #travel #flowers #vacation #beauty

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