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Maui Day 7

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Well if you are keeping track I have said twice now that we would be posting pictures of the St. Anthony wreck. Well, today was not going to be the day either. We got out of the house a little bit late. Once we got to the site and were gearing up, I knocked the scooter over, damaging it in a way it could not be fixed on site. All was not lost, we still dove on the local reef and had a great 83 min dive.

We saw another another Manta Ray, but I did not have the correct lens on. We saw a very nice tiny Nudibranch and Blenny. We saw a couple of eels, even one out in the open. The highlight of the dive was the octopus we found.

After the dive we stopped by Maui Dreams Dive Co, which is where we have been getting our tanks. They were amazing about helping me get my scooter up and running again.

The afternoon we went up to another dive site where the kids could play in the water and of course, fish. Mala Pier is one of our favorite dive sites and as always, it did not disappoint. The highlight of the dive was the white tip sharks we saw. Here is a short video of one as I had the lens on for shooting little fish, so I did not get any good shots.

After diving was a little drying off time.

Again, we found another nice spot to end the day.

Tomorrow looks like a non-diving day, but we are going to head off to explore the island.

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