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Maui Day 6

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Today started with a nice scooter dive out to a reef called Z-blocks. On the way back we tried to pick up the wreck of the St. Anthony, but did not find it. After a quick surface break to change tanks we headed back in with a heading directly for the St. Anthony. However, the scooter battery has not been used enough, getting regular cycles, and therefore we only made it about 10 minutes into the second dive before it died.

With lots of air remaining, we spent our time following the reef back to shore. While it was not the dive we had hoped for, we did get an amazing opportunity. While exploring a small reef, Beth suddenly began tugging at my fin. I looked up just in time as we had caught the interest of a roughly 6' Manta Ray and he decided to do a fly-by.

Beth was quick enough to get some GoPro video of the Manta Ray.

Our afternoon was spent at Big Beach and of course, more fishing.

The evening ended with another amazing sunset.

Tomorrow, we are headed off with the scooter once again to find the St. Anthony. Stay tuned.....

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