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Maui Day 1 and 2

Family vacation 2018. Probably the last one as my oldest will be a senior at college next year and will be starting his own life adventures. What better place to celebrate family and fun than in Maui. Well, maybe John and I are being a little bit selfish.....we did bring ALL our SCUBA gear and will be diving :). I mean, how could we not.

Day 1

The boys were not excited about coming to Maui. Both were adamant that they would immediately be devoured by sharks IF they went into the ocean. Well, here we are....and the fear lasted maybe 30 seconds. Spent the afternoon snorkeling and then when the wind and surf picked up, we transitioned to playing in the waves.

Day 2

Drove to the volcano, Haleakalā. Not the one currently spouting lava, but the one with the alien plants and endless views high above the clouds. Absolutely beautiful drive through at least 3 different and distinct bioms; however, not for those who get car sick easily. For those who are in far better shape than we, there is an 8 mile hike to the crater. We opted for the less than 1 mile hike to a few look out points :).

After the volcano, it was straight to the sporting goods store for a spear so that the boys can spear fish. Not only is the fear of water and sharks gone, now they are adamant that they will be catching dinner daily.

We will see......

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