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Birds and Structures

With May being such a busy month, I did not get much local adventure shooting in. This week on the way to work, I decided to find another side road and do a detour near Almira, WA.

There are so many amazing things to see when you take the time to explore the side/back roads.

First, I came across was a very nice windmill.

After getting a shot of the windmill there was a hawk sitting on a fence post. I got a shot of him as I drove up, prior to him flying off and holding up in a tree. As I got closer, he took flight and I was able to capture some great shots in flight.

As I was cresting the hill into Govan, the image of a classic grain silo with a bright green field in front captured my eye.

Last, but far from least, I captured a couple of images of the Govan School; which is a local favorite.

#Barn #bird #landscape #history #abandoned #silo

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