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Where in the world is.... John

The end of April and most of May has been quite busy for me. I have been in 3 cities outside of my work and home. I had a week in Hood River, OR doing pre-season training for wildland fire season. A week ago I was in Kansas City finishing up a great class with an amazing bunch of people and an awesome project group. Now I am in another city teaching for 3 days. Can you guess which one? There is a clue in the last image.

I am staying in another Embassy Suites which all have amazing layouts.

These ponds are even complete with ducks

The state capital is an amazing building

There was a cool old rail yard, which apparently is also a museum, but I won't have time to see it this trip

I crossed the Mississippi for the first time in my life

And finally the hint of what city I am in

#history #travel #wildlife #hotel #duck #river

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