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The better you want to be at life, the more you have to practice. All skills are perishable and as new tools come along you have to change with the times.

As I progress with my photography I have been adding new items to help improve. Each new item requires practice.

Knowing I had another week of training in Kansas City I booked a couple of extra days to do some sight seeing and work on my craft. Two days before I left I received a new camera. It was a tough decision on which camera to bring as I only had room for one. I am sure you can guess which one..... the new one of course.

This afternoon after class I set out to get some practice in before heading down town tomorrow.

I took an hour long walk around the outside of the building and parking area to see what I could practice on. Yes, all of these images were shot within 100 yard of the center of the hotel we are in. There is a freeway on one side and wooded area behind.

There is an opportunity to look at things in a way you have never seen them before.

#flowers #practice #beauty #bird #photography #wildlife

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