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Beauty is where you find it

I have basically been trapped inside a building for a week. I am currently attending an onsite training that is being held in the hotel we are staying in. It was a 6 day class, I arrived Friday night the 3rd and tonight is my last night. With the training being held in the hotel it did not make sense to rent a car that would mostly sit.

I did go out for dinner with a group a couple of nights ago, and to lunch yesterday. It is far from the amount of weekly travel I get to do.

This means I did not get to do any sight seeing and picture taking. I do have another session here in about 2 months and I will be adding a couple of extra days on for sight seeing and picture taking.

Don't fear, all is not lost. The hotel we are staying in has a great indoor courtyard complete with 2 fountains.

#water #photography #hotel #beauty

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