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I have been saying for quite some time, that I don't shoot people.  After really looking back at my photography I have discovered that this is not true.  The reality is, that I do shoot people.  I just prefer them doing natural things. 

My father looking at his grandson during a family dinner
High school trap shoot. Shirt says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, except for bears, they will kill you".
The face of fear and indecision
Pitching high school softball
High school trap shoot

Part 2
Never say never.....

As life would have it, in the past few weeks I have had a few requests for senior pictures from friends and family members.  Never one to turn down an adventure I said yes.

The first session went ok, but left a lot to be desired.  The second session went much better, but still had some room to improve.  The third session was almost there.  Here are a couple of images from my fourth shoot.  I would like to thank my wonderful model Ashtyn for being so tolerant of her mom trying to pose her and my learning. 

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